Leasing vs Financing in Mandan, ND

You found the perfect Subaru and it has all the features you want, the color is what your looking for 
and the price is great.  Now you have to decide if you want to lease or finance. This page will help 
you make a decision based on your lifestyle and preferences.

 Why you should Lease
 Why you should Finance
  • New car more often with the latest technology and safety
    Less cash up front
  • Lower monthly payment
  • Guaranteed future value
  • Tax advantages for business use
  • Under warranty
  • Easy turnover
  • You contract to use the vehicle for the best part of its life
  • Drive an average number of mile per year
  • You keep your vehicle for 5 -10 year
  • Make changes to the cars appearance
  • Pride of ownership. No restrictions on mileage
  • Build up some trade-in value. After your loan is paid in full, generally 60-72 months, you are payment free for a while often without a penalty
    Lifestyle changes in the future
  • Competitive rates and terms designed to meet your needs
    You are responsible for any maintenance or repairs necessary on the vehicle

Questions you should ask yourself

1. How often do you want a new car? 
If you like new vehicle every 2-3 years leasing is your best best.  You will have a lower monthly and down payment.  If you want to keep your car for more than 5-7 years buying could save you money.

2. How much do you drive?
If you put on between 8,000-20,000 miles a year leasing is for you. If you drive a lot less or a lot more you should finance. You get to decide how many miles you put on your vehicle.

3. Will it be a company vehicle?
If you use your vehicle for business you can deduct a portion for taxes when leasing.

4. Do you worry about your resale value?
If you drive your vehicle hard or if you keep it like new you may want to buy. With leasing you have a set trade in value, but when you finance it is up to you for any up keep and how that will affect your trade-in value.

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